Write to impress using professional chat etiquette
Design personalized shortcuts or canned messages
Learn how to escalate the chat to a different agent or channel
Adhere to best practices for managing live chats
Apply empathy, probing and critical reading during live chat.
Develop an understanding of Webchat KPI's & and how to adhere to them
Polish your personal touch to build closer relationships with customers

Why live chat training?

Live Chat provides convenience, speed and reduction in the customer’s effort to reach us. Being a major customer service channel, it requires specific skills in order to improve customer experience. It might seem that chat is simple, easy, no problem!! However chats, unlike words, stay in the customer’s possession. A quick copy / paste by the customer to the wrong people or media can enhance or destroy a company’s reputation. With Customer Satisfaction as the main objective, the chat agent needs focused training on soft skills such as greeting, opening, setting the tone, probing, understanding, critical reading, providing answers and solutions, wrapping up the chat and personalized good bye’s

Who should attend

This program is prepared for customer service representatives and their supervisors who are responsible for webchat customer support

Training content - Part 1

Elements of Live Chat Competency:


Reading & Responding
(Alternative to Active Listening in voice channel)

New Canned messages shall include acknowledgment dialogue.


Understanding the customer’s perspective
New Canned messages shall include impactful empathic statements that help produce pleasant customer interactions, develop trust and confidence.

Probing Skills

The art of asking the right questions to identify and understand underlying customer issues.
New Canned questions shall include open and closed ended questions to give the customer a chance to fully explain the situation.

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Training content - Part 2

Handling complaints / De-fusing angry customers 

Chat skeleton

Greet, read to understand, probe & clarify, empathize, solve, provide future self-help instructions (if applicable) and end the interaction efficiently

Developing new, or assessing existing, shortcuts or canned messages for the following components of a webchat:

Greeting - General greeting, Greeting repeat visitors
Apologizing - Apologizing for issues, Unable to meet requests
Transferring - Suggesting transfer, customer requesting to transfer
Putting customer on hold - In the middle of chat, In the queue,
Thanks for waiting
Asking for additional information. For example:
account information etc.
Giving information
and more..........

Practice session to identify correct soft skills & canned responses according to various situations



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