Time management skills

In this course, participants will practice techniques that will help them achieve more effective use of their time so that they can direct their energy towards the activities that counts. Actually, time management training is not about learning just one skill. Time management is based upon the application of many related skills: including planning ahead, prevention of error; prioritisation; and good decision making. This workshop focuses on revitalizing self discipline at work and maintaining a positive perspective in the workplace.

This high-energy, back to basics workshop program explains the fundamentals of time management, understanding the value of time and uses proven ways to get the most out of a day.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Articulate their goals.
Analyze how they are currently allocating their most precious resources: energy and time.
Identify elements of their personal work style that contribute to their effective use of time.
Assemble a collection of time-management strategies that they can use to take control of their time.
create an action plan for their time-management process and identify ways to evaluate and improve their efforts.
Take initiative and lead attitudinal changes through personal accountability.
Make decisions and set goals.
Eliminate self-imposed barriers and control self-sabotage.

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Workshop will include exercises, case study, presentation and simulation activities.

Who should attend

Individuals in a variety of fields who are seeking improved time-management skills so that they can perform more effectively. This workshop is ideal for those who struggle with time at workplace and how to make the most of the time available to them.

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