Technical report writing skills

Technical people, managers and executives often need to write high-quality reports to readers who are non-technical. Effective technical writing is now a critical component of clear and concise communication and it takes time and skill to communicate specialist information. Skill in report writing is necessary to reduce the time it takes to write a report that gets results.

In this 2-day programme, you will learn how to incorporate text, data, drawings and charts into your report writing following a few basic rules of communication for a clearer and more effective report.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Organize material by purpose and audience;
Define the elements of writing steps and procedures;
Improve the appearance of their technical documents;
Use key words and phrases correctly, precisely and concisely for impact.
Write clear, effective technical documents and reports to get the desired response from readers.
Assess target audience and develop documents for the left results.
Choose the appropriate writing style to communicate effecively to enable the reader take quicker action.
Organise data, logs and journals into readable reports
Label diagrams, tables, charts and other graphical tools effectively for ease of understanding.
Reduce writing time by organising the information quickly.

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Training will be conducted in the form of interactive lectures, writing exercises and critical analysis of written material. Participants are encouraged to bring along samples of technical reports for discussion.

Who should attend

Technical Assistants,
Project Coordinators,

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