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Call Centre Team Leader Training must equip Team Leaders for the following key responsibilities:

To manage a team of Customer Services Advisers delivering first class, professional customer service to the public and a high quality front line service to the Company and its partners.

To supervise the workload of the team, allocating team members to optimise service provision and administrative support across the hours of the operation of the Customer Service Department.

To monitor the changing needs of service, liaising with internal and external customers to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for service improvement and implementing those improvements to the satisfaction of internal and external customers.

To ensure that the team follows established procedures for each service request, including logging, processing and progress chasing enquiries, adhering to agreed Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Agreements and quality standards to maximise customer satisfaction.

To ensure statistical information is produced, collated and analysed on a daily basis to assist in evaluating the efficiency of the team and to inform resource allocation and service improvements.

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Who should attend

This program is prepared for call centre team leaders who lead the following teams:

Customer Service
Debt collection
Live chat & Email response


100% Activity based training
Group discussions
Case studies
Interactive storytelling
Video presentation

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Responsibilities of a Team Leader

Agreement on the required skills, knowledge and attitude to excel in telesales, service or debt collection through phone
Discussion: Brainstorming the list

Team development

Team development stages
Exercise: Identifying your own team’s development stage

Synergy through leadership styles

Your leadership style
Adjusting your leadership style according to your team’s development stage
Four Call centre leadership styles explained
Exercise: Action plans developed together with the trainee

Call monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring call quality
Trainer launches his own CALL QUALITY ASSESSMENT FORM
Exercise: Assessing pre-recorded calls and completing the form for each call
Review, encouragement and critique by the trainer

Coaching for success

Coaching model
Pre-coaching preparation
Exercise: Coaching interview and practice

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Decoding / picturing the statistics in order to develop improvement strategies.

Some common aspects to consider are:

Data cleanliness
Number of customer contacts per day
The time of day that produces most sales
The individual agent or team that produces most sales
Talk time or Average call duration etc
Average sales amount per FTE (Full time equivalent)
Exercise: Developing an action plan according to mock statistics provided by the trainer

Managing / creating time slots for call monitoring / assessment opportunities 

Time activity quadrant
Prioritizing important and urgent
Time activity quadrant – alarming realizations about the team leader’s time
Exercise: Developing an intelligent Time management action plan

Motivating debt collection agents

Motivational morning briefings
Motivating through performance statistics
Motivational charts and scoreboards
Motivational games and activities (Daily, weekly, monthly etc)

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Shahrukh Moghal training in Malaysia

Shahrukh Moghal is a Certified Trainer by PSMB Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Certificate EMP 1654 He has over 20 years of experience in call centre training and training coordination He conducts Certified Contact Centre Professional program subsidised by HRDF under its Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (scheme for fresh graduates Shahrukh is actively involved in developing agent and team leader skills in in the contact centre environment To date, he has helped close to 90 large contact centres upgrade the skills of their telesales, customer service and debt collection agents and team leaders.

Shahrukh is the man behind The PLEASE! ™and LEAP! ™Workshops which train frontliners to implement winning Customer Interaction Tools such as to Probe, Listen, Empathize and Articulate Especially in Contact centre customer service, Face to face customer service, Telesales and Debt collection through phone.

His training style revolves around Concepts, Application, Reflection and most of all FUN!! His training sessions are filled with an air of positivity and motivation for the participants.

Shahrukh’s youtube channel including frontliner skills development modules is as follows:

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In depth and detailed profile is available upon request.

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