Supply chain management skills

In the simplest sense, the supply chain is the process of creating products for customers. Supply chains span from raw materials, to manufacturing, distribution, transportation, warehousing, and product sales. As you can imagine, when the number of resources, operations, and functions increase, managing this supply chain can become very complex. As a result, managing a portfolio of assets and relationships to transform raw material into finished goods for consumers in the most efficient manner will provide a competitive COST ADVANTAGE edge for your organization.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Have a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of Supply Chain Management
Link Forecasting to Cost control
Enhance Understanding and Decision making capability in Scheduling & Sequencing, thereby reducing costs for internal and external supply chain
Use Cycle Time techniques to reduce costs
Understand and anticipate issues to reduce costs and wastes

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Hands-on exercises
Group discussions
Case studies
Interactive storytelling
Commentary on other companies / industries
Video presentation

Who should attend

This programme would be highly beneficial to Managers, Executives, Officers and Supervisors who deal with a whole spectrum of business and organization process, from sales, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and so on.

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