Stress management workshop

Work is stressful! Life too, can be stressful! So how do we cope and still be healthy, happy and successful? Participants will learn how to improve their stress management with practical and proven approaches that works not only at work but also in their personal lives. As a result, their resilience will increase. This one-day program provides a clear understanding on how stress and pressure works, and what we can do to manage them to our advantage. The learning will not be technical or too theoretical. Instead, it will be in simple language with common examples and case studies that participants can easily relate to.

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Be aware of what exactly is stress and how to use it in a healthy and productive way
Learn how to prioritize the resources we have towards our goals / KPIs
Learn to improve your work processes to increase your efficiency
Learn how to apply the SCAMPER technique to increase productivity
Learn how to use the Stress Management Strategies in stressful areas of your life
Learn to appreciate resilience and identify early signs of burnout and take steps to avoid it
Learn the principles of managing stressful emotions to be happier at work
Learn to manage our stressful emotions using the multiple perspectives approach
Learn to manage our stressful emotions by managing our expectations
Learn to manage our stressful emotions by shifting our focus (Mindfulness)
Learn how to reduce the high pressure at work and at home
Learn how to relax to rest in between the stressful moments
Learn how to maintain our physical well-being to increase our resilience
Learn how to give and get the support we need when necessary

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This program uses Adult Learning approaches. This includes interactive two-way lectures, group discussions and self-reflections.

Who should attend

This program is designed for Non-Executives, Executives, Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers. The training delivery style and expression shall be adjusted according to the level of audience.

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