Effective Root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis Training takes the learner through a four-step process for uncovering and tackling sources of problems and defects so that root causes can be addressed, and the resulting problems eliminated for good. This is a comprehensive “how to” course that teaches learners working alone or in teams to find and fix the root cause of problems.

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With successful completion of Root Cause Analysis Training, learners will be able to effectively participate on a problem-solving team beginning with defining the symptoms of the problem, then using data and investigative tools identify the root cause and finally employing decision matrices to select the most appropriate solution. Participants will also be able to create measures to ensure the gains made are held. The course wraps up by identifying the common barriers to root cause analysis and presents techniques to overcome those barriers.

To provide staff participants with knowledge and skill to manage incidents, with specific emphasis on the identification of the root causes and applying the RCAM (root cause analysis method). To address the root causes to ensure the problem does not recur.

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This Training Enables Learners to:

Analyze a problem and uncover its root cause(s).
Develop solutions to get rid of, fix or overcome root causes of problems.
Ensure that solutions to problems stay in place and continue to work effectively.

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Root Cause Analysis with Corrective Action Course Objectives:

Establish an effective team environment.
Clarify what the problem is and is not.
Start a trail to the root cause starting with symptoms of the problem.
Use data and investigative tools to identify the root cause.
Employ decision matrices to select the most appropriate solution.
Initiate measure to ensure the gains made are held.
Recognize common barriers to root cause analysis and apply techniques to overcome those barriers.

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This program can be delivered via face-to-face (physical participation), online or in hybrid.
The training will be conducted through practical exercise.
Step-by-step guidance will be given to participants through comprehensive materials.

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