Motivation training

Success begins with personal work-life balance or effective work-life integration. This course aims to encourage individuals to evaluate and monitor their energy, attitude and priority in relation to their personal and organizational visions and goals. It will empower individuals for a more effective self-management and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize their performances which are essential for personal success and corporate accomplishment.

Effective self-management will enable individuals to develop the needed disciplines that help bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishment. High achievers are people who have learned to effectively manage themselves, tapping on all resources available to motivate themselves toward the fulfilment of their fullest potentials.

Fulfilment at workplace and personal life entail important competence such as the ability to keep in balance interpersonal relationship and achievement of task – this is true collaboration. Personality conflicts among teams which are usually made up of strong individuals with varying styles are common scenes in organizations. When team members have greater understanding of one another’s strengths and limitations, and learn how best to communicate and complement one another, team collaboration and effectiveness will improve. As such an increased sense of motivation will follow by a heightened sense of self-actualization.

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At the end of this journey of discovery and re-discovery, among others, participants will be able to:

Gain self-awareness
Develop the dynamic of work-life balance
Understand the emotional needs and motivations of team members
Learn system-centred communication skills to synergize team work
Discover and consolidate your life vision, values and mission
Understand personality-driven motivation and motivating factors
Develop effective interpersonal skills
Cultivate effective communication techniques
Learn effective stress management and conflict resolution

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Who should attend

Executives, managers, leaders


The seminar is based on a combination of interactive activities - group and individual exercises, case studies and discussions - along with formal inputs. The environment will be a supportive one in which individuals with varying degrees of experience will be encouraged to share the approaches they currently use as well as try out new ones that they encounter on the course.

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