Stratetegic marketing principles

With the advancement of technology and telecommunication, the business world is moving in an accelerating pace. The demands of executives and managers for the 21st Century are much greater than those of the yesteryears. Besides their specialized skills, they are required to have good business acumen. They must understand what makes the business tick and contribute creative ideas to improve on the progress of the organization. This 2-day programme is designed to share the various basic principles of marketing to enable participants to perform better marketing functions. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of the appropriate strategies that the sales and marketing personnel can adopt in order to maintain key accounts and expand into new markets.

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Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

Have a better understanding of the importance of the marketing mix
Be aware of the uncontrollable variables in the business environment
Appreciate the importance of market segmentation
Realise the benefits of marketing research
Recognise the roles and functions of the intermedaries
Adopt the appropriate strategies to sustain and/or increase market share
Explore possible strategies to expand into new markets

Key topics

The concept of the marketing mix
The uncontrollable variables in the business environment
Market segmentation
Marketing research
Consumer buying behaviour
Roles and functions of intermediaries
Strategies to maintaining key accounts
Strategies in expanding into new markets

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Who should attend

Sales and marketing executives
Senior and top management

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