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Program Overview - 3 day program

People bring about change - successful change requires Commitment, Focus and Understanding the organization’s readiness and need for Change. Progressive organizations are organizations that change not just when there is a crisis but also when they need to transform from a good company to a great company. When change fails to occur as planned the cause is often to be found at deeper levels, rooted in inappropriate behavior, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and because there is a skills gap in change management capability.

The focus of this 3 days workshop is on creating a culture and readiness for organizational change, understanding why people react to change in different ways and equipping participants with skills, tools and techniques to bring about and maintain change and stretch their thoughts and create a break threw as you know them.

This workshop also specifically looks into helping participants to identify their inner weaknesses and transform the way they perceive themselves to be totally accountable.

Who should attend

Supervisors, executives, managers, senior management
Personnel who need to manage various resources and/or projects

Action Learning Project

Each participant will identify a workplace related challenge and use one of the tools taught in the program to make a decision as part of their on going learning.

Program objectives

Initiative and drive to achieve organisation objectives
Creative approach for Significant results
To work within an agreed assignment and evolve in line with Team needs
Ability to work in a team and develop relationships to achieve results
Developing a positive attitude in work and situations to bring Mindfulness, Awareness, and Consciousness to work and to bring forth their best attitudes in order to transform
Increase the level of cooperation and support you get and give from your teammates and Superiors
Reduce the stress of difficult situations with people
Acquire the skills of influence and assertiveness that gives you the results you want and a positive work climate, not waiting for things to happen to make decisions.
Understand how personal and professional values, choices and behaviours affect their effectiveness in your Team and with Superiors
Learn to master the mind instead of the mind masters you
Understand the process of being Effective and Efficient with agreed Modals
Learn to take responsibility and take ownership for oneself
Learn to be creative in their approaches to perform task.
Identify and overcome roadblocks to effective performance Management and not just jumping to conclusions due to time constrain.
Be able to generate a number of effective options to assure that the solutions found are sound, practical and creative. Develop pro-active thinking to find ways to be Effective.

Our Expert Trainers

Our trainers are PSMB Certified. They possess vast relevant experience in their own specific fields as practitioners and trainers. Each comes with an impressive list of clients whom they have personally rendered their training services to. Trainer profiles are attached with each training proposal sent to clients.


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