Lean Manufacturing

The concept of lean organization leading to its optimization is a quantum leap in the advancement of efficiency. Lean is the systematic elimination of waste. As the name implies, lean is focused at cutting “fat” from production activities. It has also been successfully applied to administrative and engineering activities as well. Lean results include the better utilization of resources which are in alignment with organizational vision and objectives, hence leading to better cost management and enhanced competitiveness.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Understand the concepts and implementation of Lean Organization
Have a working knowledge of Kaizen and Continuous Improvement
Enhance awareness of wastes reduction in order to do something about
Use visual Management to further enhance a lean organization
Understand Cycle time/Takt time and Line balancing to reduce waste
Gain insights on SMED and how to reduce waste
Comprehend JIT and push/pull production
Use Poka Yoke/Mistake Proofing to identify or prevent problems
Build in the idea of Kaizen: continuous improvement

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Who should attend

This program targets management level personnel and those who wish to improve their understanding and skills in relation to the application of lean management.


Interactive Lectures | Discussions | Practical Exercises | Case Study

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