Dynamic Leadership through subliminal persuasion
Training option 1

This 2-days program will incorporate the use of Neuro Action Learning to develop the skills to influence by having an understanding of the psychology of people and their communication model AND exactly what words to say to engage the other person’s subconscious decision making part of the brain.

The following skills will be acquired in this program:

1. Figuring Out People – the ability to understand different aspects of behaviours within us and others and be flexible to get along with anybody at any time

2. Language of Appreciation – the ability to use the 5 Language of Appreciation 3. State Management – the ability to manage our state, emotion and focus so that we are more effective in leading another and increasing our EQ and Emotional Control.

4. Outcome Thinking – the ability inculcate an outcome focused mindset

Upon completing this 2 days workshop, participants should be able to :

Identify the different personality types
Design & Deliver exactly what is needed to influence the teammate
Manage their emotional state
Stay Focused on the outcome


Breakthrough Leadership: VUCA!
Training option 2

Volatility . Uncertainty . Complexity . Ambiguity

You cannot stop events such as the rapid changing market places, and with business advances progressing faster every day, as a leader: How do you anticipate, avoid, resolve or even “save” your organization in this ever changing business landscape? Despite being beneficial at time, changes in external environment (read political, economical, social, technological) have brought with it increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity or, as it’s now known in leadership language as VUCA. Welcome to the new norm called VUCA, or face organizational disaster. Welcome to the new art and style of leadership in the 21st Century.

Program objectives:

• Realise and Understand the impact of VUCA in today’s dynamic business
• Seriously examine the VUCA principle in order to apply its practicality
• Implement unique skills and techniques to lead through VUCA
• Enhance leadership self-awareness in today’s ever changing world
• Bring to fore the fullest potential of your team members by using tools and techniques of VUCA
• Apply the best leadership principles which are inspiring
• Become an effective and efficient leader in the modern world
• How to turn VUCA to your advantage

Who should attend :

This program is prepared for senior managers, C-suites, leaders, managers and anyone who has departmental or higher responsibilities, plus identified talent, high potentials and future leaders


The Colored Brain Leader
Training option 3

What is Colored Brain Communication?

By identifying the fundamental patterns in the way our brain genetically processes the world around us, we overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential. Awareness of these "Brain Communication" processes gives us the means to maximize our capacity to act intelligently, to Turbo Charge our natural gifts and use them to maximize our ability to develop "software" for our brain to achieve greater competence across many disciplines. We are able to understand others at a deeper level and unleash greater potential for relationships at work and at home, for easier learning and teaching, and for greater harmony and cooperation with our environment and our teams. The CBCI™ is the Psychometric Profiling Component of the Colored Brain.

Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

Understand the psychology and how you affect and are affected by environment.
Direct and redirect focus based on solution and not process or problem.
Identify your personal leadership identity that leads to success and achieve targets.
Identify barriers, challenges and gaps in order to re-learn and go forward.
Make realization how you can be a better leader through unleashing your potentials.
Increase self-motivation drive and passion to achieve greater results.
Cultivate positive mindset to increase leadership effectiveness.

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