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A leader by definition is the one who is at the fore front leading others. In reality, leadership is not just about status and position, it is also about vision, wisdom, integrity and reliability.

The paradigm of leadership has changed over the years as people are getting more advanced and sophisticated in both thoughts and actions. A good leader must be a champion, a no-nonsense who strives to be the best, the captain of a Performance Culture.

In perspective, NexGen Leaders – The Driver of Performance Culture is about leaders who are composed and empowered to Think, Act, Perform, Empower and Recover (TAPER©) during trying and critical situations. The new breed of leaders must have strong mental resilience, high adversity quotient (AQ), hunger for winning and are fearless in facing challenges.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Understanding of the challenges in the new economy;
Appreciate the emergence of a new breed of leaders;
Be the crème-de-la-crème among the leaders;
Learn how to develop a high performance culture;
Develop and deploy a distinctive personal leadership profile.

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Who should attend

All managers, executives and heads of department who play a role in a high performance culture.


This program will be delivered using multiple methodologies as the program is designed to be both theoretical and practical hands on sessions.

Theoretical (Lecture style)
Reviewing & evaluating case studies
Group discussion & presentation

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