Key account management skills


Key accounts are not only your biggest customers, they are also your best customers and will provide long-term revenue growth and strategic partnerships.
Customers are important, but they are not equally important. Customers have a dizzying array of different needs and often face an overwhelming choice of similar providers. Conversely, companies have very limited resources to serve and support these customers.
Finding the right strategy for each customer and aligning strategy, tactics and resources accordingly is at the heart of Key Account Management.

Program Value Proposition

You must know the basic principles of selling. No amount of trickery or gimmickry can replace an understanding of the basic laws of selling and persuasion. To be an effective and impactful sales closer, you must know the precise steps that every sale must go through and how to smoothly guide prospects through each step and process. If you can not do that, you'll never reach your full potential as an effective sales closer.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Develop a structural and impactful sales blueprint
Build a strong relationship foundation with your prospect
Generating appointments and cold calls
Understanding your prospect and their character
Asking your prospect, the right questions
Spot your prospect’s needs and buying points
Identify what your prospect is really looking for
How to communicate in your prospect’s language
Learn closing and negotiation techniques
Discover follow-up techniques

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Who should attend

Internal Sales Team (whoever handling project sales and any other sales processes
Sales - Representatives, Executives, Agents
Client Relationship Executives
Client Relationship Managers


This program will be delivered using multiple methodologies as the program is designed to be both theoretical and practical hands on sessions.

Theoretical (Lecture style)
Reviewing & evaluating case studies
Group discussion & presentation

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Our vision

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Our mission

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