Finance for non-finance professionals

As professionals, you wear many hats managing people and other resources. Because your company’s ultimate goal is return to stakeholders, you want to clearly know how you can show THE FINANCIAL RESULTS in the Financial Statements of the Company. Because of that, you want to confident in your ability to read and interpret Financial Statements so that you to be an effective, efficient and valuable asset. The good news is you can now learn to use these tools to increase your knowledge and skills. You do not have to be a financial expert before the course because in this workshop, you will learn the financial tools and language in a highly hands-on and practical way. Whether you are managing day to day operations or planning for growth or new product lines, these tools will be invaluable to the decision making process.

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Sales & Marketing
Production & Engineering
Human Resources & Finance and Accounting
Purchasing & Procurement
R&D / Production Development
Anyone who is determined to be successful in his / her career

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Training will be conducted in the form of interactive lectures, writing exercises and critical analysis of written material. Participants are encouraged to bring along samples of reports for discussion.

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