EQ - Emotional Intelligence training

Research has shown that high EI skills are the distinguishing characteristics that separate star performing executives from average ones. Enhancing leaders' EI skills enables them to lead with courage, demonstrate their passion, grow and retain talented leaders, and empathize with people while humanely challenging them to meet demanding business goals. The resilient, flexible, strong organizational culture that is created by such a leader attracts talented people, ensures organizational success (through thick and thin), and creates a lasting legacy.

This 2 Day programme is activity orientated and very interactive. Program is focused on role play, evaluations, game based and real life case studies which are thought provoking and result orientated.

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To understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence
To increase your understanding of different aspects of human behaviour
To understand how to manage your own emotional reactions to achieve desired results
To learn how to communicate with and motivate others, based on understanding their emotions
To gain awareness of how to increase morale and inspire high performance
To learn to deal with daily work and personal pressures more productively
To be aware how to demonstrate empathy in most situations
To be able to build strong open, honest relationships

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case scenarios and discussion,
Notes/Handouts and completed examples
Brainstorming, LCD presentation, Role plays

Who should attend

Executives and managers. Anyone who requires emotional intelligence to enhance communication and productivity.

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