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Domestic inquiry

A domestic inquiry is an internal hearing held by an employer to ascertain whether an employee is guilty of misconduct. The purpose of a domestic inquiry is to find out the truth of the allegations made against the employee. This aspect of “procedural fairness” in the taking of disciplinary action, against an employee may often be a crucial factor in deciding whether the dismissal will be upheld by the Court. The objective of the domestic enquiry is to award punishment to the accused employee if found guilty. No man can be punished without being heard. An employee gets opportunity to defend himself through domestic enquiry. It assures fair justice. To maintain a healthy environment and congenial atmosphere in the organization as well as to avoid legal obligation domestic enquiry needs to be conducted.

Target industry

Banking, Insurance, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, Hotels, Hospitality, Food & Beverage Companies, Retail, Automotive, Construction, Logistic, Transport, Electronics, Electrical, Telecommunication, Aviation, Information Technology and Government departments.

Who should attend

HR professionals, Company directors, Head of the departments and HR consultants who are involved in conducting domestic inquiry or involved in preparing HR policies.

Employee discipline

Discipline in the workplace is important in any organization. Any breaches of company rules and regulations whether deliberately or through sheer negligence have to be dealt with swiftly and firmly. Often, whenever an employee is said to have committed misconduct, the higher management usually recommends the solution to sack or dismiss the employee. Consequently, the employer might be hauled up to the Labour Court when the employee files for wrongful or, unfair dismissal, or unjust cause. So the employer needs to be prepared to face the consequences which could mean having to reinstate or pay the employee compensation. Often, the employee is in fact guilty but the employer loses the case in the court merely because the employer had failed to follow proper procedures and inadequate records to justify their case. Hence, holding a proper domestic inquiry and documenting the proceedings of Domestic Inquiry is most advisable to Human Resource/ Employee Relation/ Industrial elation practitioners. We believe this training session will provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of Disciplinary Actions and Domestic Inquiries and also to clarify on many HR issues they have encountered at their workplace.


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