Digital selling skills

In 2022, social media marketing should be part of every business’ marketing strategy – it is now no longer optional. It is no secret that it requires massive effort to sustain a marketing strategy on social media as well as other places around the Web. However, digital marketing may not lead to revenue, and this is usually the main concern for small to medium enterprises. It is time businesses move towards digital selling – where online efforts lead to income.

HubSpot defines digital marketing and digital selling as follows:

Digital marketing is an online engagement effort which uses a variety of assets, including websites, videos, images (infographics or photos), written content (blogs or e-books), and social media pages to connect with customers. In contrast to digital marketing, which is working to engage a target audience, digital selling is working to turn audience into buyers. Digital selling is responsible for driving revenue.

This Course will change the way businesses are using their online assets, and start utilizing these channels to generate revenue for business sustainability, not only for branding and marketing purposes.

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Upon completion of the training, the participants shall:

IDENTIFY the differences between digital selling and digital marketing.
INITIATE a digital selling strategy for their organization.
IMPLEMENT activities to increase their organization’s online sales.

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Training is delivered in a highly interactive and experiential manner. Concepts and background information are presented through lecture and demonstration style. Further to that, participants will be engaged through gamified sessions, activities, and open dialogue, creating an environment that facilitates accelerated learning and application. Through the debrief process, participants will be able to create action steps to correct breakdowns in their results once they return to work from the training.

Who should attend

SME Business Owners
Social Media Managers
Sales & Marketing Executives/ Agents

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