Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFM/DFA)

Design for manufacturability (also known as design for manufacturing & assembly (DFM/DFA) is the application of process, method and art of creating cost effective product designs. The design stage is very important and ultimately influential in the end-product cost, quality, and time to market. Overall product lifecycle characteristics are committed at design stage. The product design is not just based on good design or engineering factors but it should consider the through-put or manufacturing as well.

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Upon completion of the training, the participants shall:

Understand and perform Boothroyd/Dewhurst assembly efficiency analysis
Designing for mistake proofing (poka yoke)
Differences and similarities between Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly
Describe how product design has a primary influence
Basic criteria for Part Minimization
Quantitative analysis of a design’s efficiency
Critique product designs for ease of assembly
The importance of involving production engineers in DFMA analysis

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This course is conducted in a seminar room
Interactive and action based with personal examples.
Combination of short lectures, video presentations, workshops, demonstrations, simulations and games.
More emphasis is placed on workshops to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner.

Who should attend

Design Engineers
NPI Department
Manufacturing Engineers
Quality Engineers
SQE Engineers
Program Managers
Purchasing Officers

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