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Customer Service training malaysia Customer Service training malaysia


Program Overview

customer service training malaysia

Training delivery is combined with a customized debt collection script. Training flow follows:

PROBE: The art of uncovering customer issues through strategic questioning skills
LISTEN: There is a strong link between effective listening and increased collections. We learn how to understand the customer's side of the story through Active Listening
EMPATHIZE:-Develop emotional intelligence and the niche for looking at the world from the customer's point of view
ARTICULATE: Learn to use voice and words in a way to generate customer reactions such as sense of relaxation, relief, peace of mind and above Utilize various elements of voice such as tone, pitch, inflection, volume and rate of speech in order to calm and direct difficult customer situations
SOLVE: Script development phase. Resolve the overdue account situation through developing a targeted debt collection script.
END: End the interaction with an Extra Miler to give the customer a chance to express need further. Open the door for your next follow up call.
Rebuttal statements for existing and anticipated objections and scenarios
Dynamic Role play and Debt collection call flow practice
Certificate Presentation

Debt collection dialogue assessment

Is your dialogue logically sequenced?
Is your tele-debt collector talking too much or not talking enough?
Is your call opening impactful?
How much of the script is asking customers to express truth about their situation, pain points and more?
Are non-payment consequences used strategically and effectively throughout your script?
Is your script able to generate Attention, Interest, Desire and Action?
Is empathy injected in your collection dialogue?

Program objectives

By the end of this program the participants shall:

Plan and Structure collection calls more effectively
Understand the elements of consultative communication and improve skills in this area
Discover opportunities to guide customers towards suitable payment arrangements
Improve probing and listening skills
Make a conscious effort to understand the customer’s environment in order to convince and create impact
Be genuinely interested in the customer’s questions and remarks in order to continue fruitful 2-way communication for longer periods of time
Collect better using empathy
Recognize each customer’s unique telephone personality and adjust accordingly
Be smart about collection signals but practice patience in the voice tone
Understand various types of probing questions and be able to apply suitable questions according to the flow e.g fact finding questions, leading, requesting for payment etc.


100% Activity based training
Group discussions
Case studies
Interactive storytelling
Video presentation

corporate training in malaysia


corporate training in malaysia

corporate training in malaysia

Facilitating Customer Delight through Professionalism in Human Capital Development

To provide leading edge customized training solutions in each campaign
To develop an experienced team of consultants with impeccable knowledge and experience in their relevant areas of expertise

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity

Our Expert Trainers
Our trainers are PSMB Certified. They possess vast relevant experience in their own specific fields as practitioners and trainers. Each comes with an impressive list of clients whom they have personally rendered their training services to. Trainer profiles are attached with each training proposal sent to clients.
corporate training in malaysia

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