Customer Satisfaction Survey Strategy Workshop

Executive summary

This 3-day workshop aims to provide the participants with hands-on implementable knowledge of the concepts of customer-centricity and its relationship with customer satisfaction and experience. To understand and act upon customer needs through a customer-centric culture, we employ various customer experience measurement, problem-solving and strategy development tools. This includes strategy development through measuring customer satisfaction survey results (NPS, CSAT), customer journey mapping, root cause analysis & problem-solving through Fishbone and SWOT, and process improvement through Swimlane Process Map.

The program concludes with Service Goal Setting and Action Planning. As a result of the action planning phase, we are able to derive actionable steps or resolutions that provide future direction in the efforts to improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings. Hence, enhancing the customer’s positive experience enough to make them our advocates and promoters.

Key benefits

Successful Customer-Centric Business Strategies
Positive Public Interest I Better Employee Morale
Higher Profits through Existing Customers
Increased Responsibility taken by employees
Employee Motivation I Satisfied Shareholders
Enjoy savings through improved process efficiency
Reduced Risk of Business Failures
Increased Efficiency I Enhanced Customer Experience
Influx of New Customers

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Understand the role of each Business Unit in spreading a service culture throughout the organisation
Understand what customers really want and ascertain how well we are providing it.
Provide relevant and constructive advice to promote the improvement of customer service delivery
Ensure customer service strategies and opportunities are promoted to designated individuals and groups
Promptly action processes & procedures to resolve customer difficulties and complaints
Maintain systems, records and reporting procedures to compare changes in customer satisfaction
Ensure that decisions to implement strategies are taken in consultation with designated  individuals and groups
Review client satisfaction with service delivery using verifiable data
Identify and report changes necessary to maintain service standards to designated personnel
Understand the concepts & usage of terms like CSAT, NPS, Process mapping, Fishbone diagram.
Learn the art of post-strategy development goal setting & action planning
Prepare conclusions and recommendations from verifiable evidence and provide constructive advice on future directions of client service strategies
Learn to calculate survey results and present them to stakeholders using infographic dashboards

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Who should attend

Team leaders, Managers, HODs


This programme employs adult learning techniques which include fun active learning strategies to facilitate understanding and retention. Participants will spend 80% of the time in individual or group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practice. A workbook is used to facilitate the programme.

Structured Experiential Learning Exercises, Super Learning Environment, Role Plays, Games & Simulation & Performance Coaching, Team Presentations.

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Jabatan Kerja Raya Sarawak, Malaysia
Public Works Department, Sarawak, Malaysia

Working with Shahrukh was an absolute pleasure. His exceptional facilitation skills and ability to connect with our team surpassed our expectations. Throughout the training session, Shahrukh demonstrated a profound understanding of our objectives and effortlessly guided us towards achieving them. His in-depth knowledge of the subject matter was truly impressive and greatly enriched our learning experience. He possesses a lively and friendly personality that instantly resonated with everyone in the room, creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere.

The training delivered tangible results, empowering us with newfound creativity in survey question development, data analysis, and presentation. Shahrukh's guidance equipped us with practical tools and techniques to effectively analyze data and transform it into visually compelling infographic dashboards. Moreover, he excelled in tackling tough problems, enhancing our processes, and devising implementable action plans. His insights and expertise were invaluable in overcoming challenges and driving positive change within our organization. Thanks to his dedication and expertise, we emerged from the training with enhanced capabilities and a renewed sense of confidence in our ability to innovate and improve. We wholeheartedly recommend Shahrukh Moghal to anyone seeking transformative training experiences.

Pauline Anak Bret
Sarawak Administrative Officer
Public Works Department, Sarawak, Malaysia

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Training outline Day 1

Developing a customer-centric service mindset 

Definition of Customer Experience and how it dffers from Customer Service
Self - diagnosis
5 Service Dimensions that all customers care about
Do we understand and fulfill Customer expectations?
Group presentation: Service strategy according to service dimensions

Customer-centric KPIs list
Exercise: Brainstorming current actions relating to service dimensions
Group presentations on a preliminary mini-strategy according to service dimensions & KPIs. This mini-strategy activity also sets the tone for the rest of the training program in terms of activating and maintaining a strategic planning mindset

Calculating (CSAT | NPS) scores in excel
(Infographic survey dashboard)

Exercise 1: lead by the trainer:
How to calculate CSAT & NPS results through raw data
Preparing NPS results from the downloaded data for calculation
Designing a presenter-friendly CSAT & NPS Results Dashboard

Exercise 2: lead by the trainer:
How to create infographic dashboard for CSAT & NPS
How to present the data to stakeholders and strategy decision-makers using the infographic dashboard

All participants must have laptops in class in order to follow steps in their own computer while the trainer leads the excel calculation process

Training outline Day 2

Strategizing processes to become customer centric
Customer Journey Mapping & analysing all customer touchpoints
Internal Process improvement – From as-is to to-be
Exercise: Mapping individual “AS IS” service processes to find gaps
Exercise: Developing “TO BE” service process maps that are more customer centric for improved service and to resolve customer difficulties and complaints

Empathy mapping

Understanding customer perspectives
What they think, feel, say and do while facing issues
Creating Empathy and tailoring service
Group activity: Creating Empathy Maps for selected customer issues / scenarios

Problem-Solving Techniques
Root cause analysis (RCA) for customer complaints
Collaborative problem-solving with the customer
Exercise: Conducting RCA for selected customer complaints using the Fishbone Diagram
Developing root cause related questions to ask the customer for effective problem-solving
Group presentation on identified causes through Fishbone Analysis

Training outline - Day 3

SWOT analysis for service strategy improvement
Exercise: Conducting SWOT analysis to identify your company’s service strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Developing strategy through creating relationships between internal and external factors that influence service

Handling difficult customers and complaints
Why do customers get angry?
Managing / filtering our own emotions
Managing the customer’s emotions – A structured approach
Role play sessions on real scenarios

Service goal setting & Action Planning
Exercise: Service goal setting and strategy action planning according to all aspects learned i-e:

5 Service Dimensions all customers care about
CSAT & NPS Scores
Fishbone analysis & Swimlane diagram
SWOT for strategy development and adjustment
Customer Journey Mapping and process improvement
Customer Centric Metrics & KPI’s

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Shahrukh Moghal training in Malaysia

Shahrukh Moghal is a Certified Trainer by PSMB Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Certificate EMP 1654 He has over 20 years of experience in call centre training and training coordination He conducts Certified Contact Centre Professional program subsidised by HRDF under its Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (scheme for fresh graduates Shahrukh is actively involved in developing agent and team leader skills in in the contact centre environment To date, he has helped close to 90 large contact centres upgrade the skills of their telesales, customer service and debt collection agents and team leaders.

Shahrukh is the man behind The PLEASE! ™and LEAP! ™Workshops which train frontliners to implement winning Customer Interaction Tools such as to Probe, Listen, Empathize and Articulate Especially in Contact centre customer service, Face to face customer service, Telesales and Debt collection through phone.

His training style revolves around Concepts, Application, Reflection and most of all FUN!! His training sessions are filled with an air of positivity and motivation for the participants.

Shahrukh’s youtube channel including frontliner skills development modules is as follows:

To view TESTIMONIALS given by clients, please click here:

In depth and detailed profile is available upon request.

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HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad – Branch Sales training of financial products
Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. –Call Centre Customer Service
Elken Sdn Bhd–Counter Service - Effective Communication / Customer Service
Google Malaysia –Locus-T –Debt collection through phone , Sales and Live Chat
Zuellig Pharma Call Centre -Customer Service and Team Leader Training
British American Tobacco –Effective Communication and Selling Skills (Kent)
Etiqa Insurance Berhad – Brand Delivery training campaign
CSC Malaysia Berhad BPO Call Centre –Inbound customer service agent and team leader training
Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia –Call centre Customer Service Skills
Mimos Berhad –Mutiara Smart Computing –Call Centre Customer Service Skills
Schenker Logistics –Customer Service Excellence
Lenovo Malaysia –Contact Centre Customer Service (Live chat customer support)
Perodua–Enhancing Customer Experience
DKSH Malaysia –Call centre gent assessment and one to one coaching
Corporate Information Travel –Telephone Techniques & Handling Difficult Callers
HRDF –PSMB Call Centre Customer Care Excellence
Gabungan AQRS Berhad –Communication Skills
Coway Malaysia – Live Chat Customer Support
Marsh Insurance –Call centre customer service skills
BHP Billiton –Customer Service Excellence
Ekovest Berhad Highway Project –Call centre customer service
Korean Airline –Concentrix –De-fusing angry customers for 2nd support level Team Leaders
Wellings Pharmacy Penang –Customer Service in the Retail Environment
MPI Generali –Customer Service Excellence –Level 1 & 2
Khazanah Nasional Berhad –Enhancing Customer Experience
MCIS Insurance Berhad –Call centre customer service training and live chat
Maybank Group Customer Care (MGCC) –Live Chat Customer Support Skills
Kertih Terminals Sdn. Bhd. –Customer Service Strategy training for HODs.
Appraisal Property Management Sdn Bhd –Service Strategy & Culture for HODs Pakistan –Workshop on Customer Centric Mindset & Culture
Marriott Islamabad Pakistan –Workshop on Customer Interaction Skills
Tenaga Nasional Berhad –Malaysian Power –Customer Centric Mindset & Culture
KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital –Customer Service Excellence
Fiberail Sdn. Bhd. –Customer Care Excellence
Prudential BSN –Transforming Customer Experience
Tenaga Nasional Berhad –Transforming Customer Experience
Shopee Singapore – Live Chat Customer Support

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Reliance Berhad Call Centre –High Impact Sales Skills (Assessment & Training)
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad Call Centre –CRM Sales training for the Direct Relationship Management Team
ING Insurance –Employee benefit sales and service skills
The Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad –Financial products Sales
Malaysia National Insurance - Call Centre–Sales training for a Child Education plan
Google Malaysia –Locus-T –Debt collection through phone , Sales and Customer Service
Legend Hotel Call Centre –Time Share appointment and Customer Service training
Palace of the Golden Horses -Time Share Sales
Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad Call Centre –Phone Banking Sales
Malaysian Oxygen Berhad Call Centre –Call Centre Sales & Teleservice
Malaysia Airlines Golden Boutiques –Buy n Fly card Sales training
New Straits Times – Classified Ads -Call Centre & Face to face service
Utusan Melayu Call Centre –Classified Advertising-Outbound Telemarketing Skills
Yellow Pages Call Centre –Telephone Appointment setting Skills
MNI Oneline Call Centre –Sales and Teleservice training
Am Assurance Call Centre –Setting up a new Sales Unit & Call centre training
RHB Bank Call Centre –Outbound Sales Training
Maybank Group Contact Centre –Outbound Sales Skills (Insurance products)
OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad –Outbound Sales Skills transactional banking
Bank Rakyat Call Centre –Sales and Service training
SP Setia –Outbound Sales skills
Bonuslink Call Centre –Outbound Sales Skills & Inbound Customer Service
Gibraltar BSN Life Insurance Berhad –Formerly Uni Asia Life -Call Centre Sales
Aeon Credit Services Sdn. Bhd.–Sales for financial services
BankTechAsia2018 & BigTechAsia2018 –Conference Delegate & Sponsorship Sales training
UOB Bank (Malaysia) Berhad –SME Banking Sales Training
Multi Trans Sdn. Bhd. –Telephone Appointment Setting Skills –Sales Skills
SenHeng Electric –Sales Skills
GKK Consultant Sdn. Bhd. –Sales Skills
Netherlands Maritime University College –Telephone Selling Skills
Royal Canin Malaysia –Telesales training
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad –Virtual Selling & Telephone Appointment Setting
Shell Global –Telesales & Team Leadership Skills for Poland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia
IIUM –International Islamic University Malaysia –Telesales training
Putra Business School –Virtual Presentation Skills
Hong Leong Asset Management –Virtual Presentation Skills
Carsome Sdn. Bhd. –Telesales Team Leadership Skills

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Maxis Telecommunications Berhad – Call Centre Outbound Tele-Debt Collector and Team Leader assessment and training
Google Malaysia –Locus-T –Debt collection through phone , Sales and Customer Service
Affin Bank Call Centre–Telephone debt collection skills
Sunlife Insurance –Call Centre Customer Service Skills & debt collection skills
KWSP–Employee Provident Fund (Gov’t) - 3 sessions on Debt Collection Skills
Kudrat Partners –Debt collection through phone
Hong Leong Bank Call Centre –Sales & Debt Collection Skills
Eon Bank Call Centre – Debt collection and Call Centre Customer Service
Citylink Express Courier Call Centre–Call Centre Collection & Customer Service Skills
Malaysian Post Office Call Centre –Pos Laju Call centre debt collection skills
ELK Desa Capital Sdn. Bhd. –Debt collection through phone –contact centre
Akademi PKNS –Debt Collection Skills
Centreside Express Maritime –Debt collection skills
Protech Builders –Debt collection
Epic Chemicals Sdn Bhd -Debt collection
Cenviro Services Sdn Bhd –Debt collection through phone
Len min steel sdn bhd -Debt collection

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To provide leading edge customized training solutions in each campaign
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