Clerical development program

In most if not all organisations, clerical personnel represent the bulk of the organisation’s human resource. Their sheer size means that they can exact a substantial impact on the rise and fall of the organisation. Having clerical personnel who have the right behaviour and competency makes a world of difference to the organisation. This programme aims to facilitate participants to become clerical personnel who have the traits, knowldge and skills necessary to assist and support the organisation to stay preferred by its stakeholders – especially, customers.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will learn:

To enhance the participants’ sense of professionalism, image and self-confidence in order to be respected, accepted and trusted
To build a close relationship or rapport with stakeholders as well as to build camaraderie or teamwork with others in the department and in other departments via effective interpersonal communication skill
To manage unproductive time and work
To manage stress in order to have a happier life at work and at home
To enhance telephone communication skills
To solve problems more effectively

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PowerPoint presentations – key issues to learn for future applications
Exercises and case studies to reinforce your learning experience
Activities & Simulation games that will help you apply the information you have learned
Video presentations

Who should attend

Clerical and administrative staff

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Our vision

Facilitating Customer Delight through Professionalism in Human Capital Development

Our mission

To provide leading edge customized training solutions in each campaign
To develop an experienced team of consultants with impeccable knowledge and experience in their relevant areas of expertise

Our values

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity


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