Brand development & management

In today’s ever changing digital world, enterprise brand managers face numerous challenges as they strive to successfully develop, position, and express their brands. Their focus is to ensure that their brands get maximum visibility across an ever-increasing number of digital channels, from social media to all the mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

Besides having to develop innovative strategies for delivering the right messages to the right consumers via the right channels, they also have to deal with the repercussions of the real time economy, to be able to quickly respond to the changing tides and social media trends.

Brand Management in the Digital Age is an intensive workshop which will equip participants with the core knowledge and skills necessary to successfully and profitably manage a brand online.

After attending the master class, participants will be able to successfully define, measure, position, revitalise and track their brand.

It will provide a world-class, applied overview of the key challenges of brand management in the 21st Century. Participants will gain a significant strategic edge over competitors and also add significant value to their personal equity within their organisation.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will learn:

How to Create a Powerful Brand on Online Channels
How to Develop Real Time Branding in an “Always On” World
How to Understand the Digital Consumer Mindset and Behaviour
The Most Effective Way to Manage Your Reputation Online and Mitigate Any Crisis
How Powerful Brands Beat Competitors in the Social Media Space.

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Brain-Based Learning & Active Training Methodology:

This programme employs adult learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding and retention. Participants will spend 80% of the time in individual or group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practice. Structured Experiential Learning Exercises, Super Learning Environment, Role Plays, Games & Simulation & Performance Coaching, Team Presentations for FUN sessions.

Who should attend

All those who are responsible for brand development and management in their organisation.

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