Lean and apply proven sales techniques, behaviour and attitude. Basically know what to say, how to say and when to say it during a sales meeting or call


You never have to worry about your ability to reach your sales targets. Be a part of your company's financial success by learning to convince people


More sales mean more money in your pocket in higher salaries and commissions. Find yourself at the top of the sales charts as the highest revenue generator


Program Overview

Why learn to engage audiences during online sales presentations:

Within a period of months, the world has been forced to communicate virtually. The current global pandemic has forced organizations to conduct all communication online or in a virtual setting. Department meetings, Corporate presentations, Performance reporting, Sales presentations, Corporate training and any other kind of knowledge transfer, all are now done online. However, this practice, while not completely foreign, is not the norm for many businesses. There are certain hurdles to overcome if you want to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Virtual or online audiences depend even more on the facilitation, assignment clarification, and feedback provided by their instructor. The instructor’s role is focused on facilitating audience efforts to think critically, apply and make sense of new knowledge. Hence the presenter’s need for enhanced rapport building skills including probing, persuasiveness, empathy, active listening, articulate speaking including voice and power words and immaculate knowledge of the online presenter platforms.

Who should attend

This program is prepared for sales representatives, their supervisors and managers.


What you will learn:

Close more sales during online presentations
Grow revenue through engaging both sides of the customer's brain
Develop rapport with and engage your audiences
Empathize with audience’s perspective, emotions, wants and needs
Employ ‘power words’ to solicit desired emotions in your audience
Apply communication techniques in Articulate Speaking, Voice Characteristics, Probing & Active Listening
Learn Online body language essentials
Adhere to Virtual Meeting Etiquette
Understand the technology and features of online presenter platforms

To organise customized in-house physical or online training, please contact us at shahrukh@contactskills.com or whatsapp +60123278240.

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1. Introduction & Screen Positioning
2. Challenges _ Expectation from this program
3. What makes an engaging presentation
4. Engaging the audience's left & right brain
5. Overcoming the price objection - Part 1
6. Creating Impactful Presentation Slides
7. Online Body Language
8. Emotional persuasion
9. Emotional persuasion - Failed & Successful Attempts
10. What makes a successful online sales presenter
11. Active Listening - A rapport building tool
12. Empathy - Understanding your customer
13. Price objection - Part 2
14. Choosing the right screen background
15. Dialogue - Impactful opening statement
16. Dialogue - Persuasive benefit statements
17. Short clip - Participants developing a new script
18. Selecting relevant images for your slides
19. Short clip - Participants develop actual work slides
20. The closing question to clinch the sale
21. Trainer's live demo of an engaging presentation
22. Participants practice their slides for role play presentation
23. Role play - A participant demonstrates what he has learnt
24. Participants' feedback on Shahrukh's training

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