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Problem solving has been considered as one of the painful tasks. It’s draining manpower and it takes up a lot of time, and yet, customers keep complaining about recurring problems. Until now, a lot of organizations do not have a proper, systematic approach for effective problem solving. Root causes are not identified properly and work has not been documented to reflect the implementation of corrective actions.

8D Problem Solving Methodology approaches problem solving in a different way, where all aspects will be analyzed thoroughly, involving a team of dedicated problem-solvers from a multidisciplinary approach.

Participants will be able to learn the total concept and approaches of 8D from analyzing of problem till the closing of the corrective actions. Relevant tools supporting 8D will be discussed.

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Utilize all the steps in 8D for Problem Solving and Root cause analysis
Apply relevant tools within all the steps for effective root cause analysis
Analyse the proper root cause in a proper manner
Develop proper interim actions to prevent leaking of the issues
Develop solution to prevent the recurrence of the problem
How to document the 8D problem solving steps for record purposes and benchmarking

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Who should attend

Personnel who are involve in problem solving and corrective actions, and need a system approach for their daily tasks.


Case studies, small group practical exercises, small group discussion, facilitator presentations, skill practices, application planning and walk-through simulations.

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