free training by Shahrukh Moghal

Free training is offered in the following areas:

Customer Service Skills
Telesales / Cold calling skills
Debt collection skills
Call centre team leadership skills
Customer Satisfaction Survey Strategy Development

How to qualify for free training:

There must be a minimum of 6 members in the attending team with the same duties e.g Minimum of 6 sales or telesales agents, 6 customer service agents or 6 debt collection agents, in the company.

A representative from the training department must observe the free training.

The free 1-hour workshop can include any of the following skills:
Customer Service strategy steps
Objection handling
Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
2-way communication
Voice impact
Managing difficult or angry customers and more.

To request for a free training session, please register here: Get free training
How this adds value for your team:

Real training – not a demo: Engage in a real training session, not just a demo, to experience the hands-on and interactive approach we bring to corporate training.

Customized Content: Tailored training content based on the specific challenges your team is encountering.

Experienced Trainer: 20 years of industry expertise and a proven track record.

Team Collaboration: Invite up to 20 sales, telesales, customer service or debt collection agents, along with their team leaders, to participate in this valuable session.

Decision-Making Tool: Use this free session as a powerful tool to assess the effectiveness of our training style and content for potential future collaborations.

To request for a free training session, please register here:Get free training

Our vision

Facilitating Customer Delight through Professionalism in Human Capital Development

Our mission

To provide leading edge customized training solutions in each campaign
To develop an experienced team of consultants with impeccable knowledge and experience in their relevant areas of expertise

Our values

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity


Contact person: Shahrukh Moghal
M: +60123278240